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    “What's wrong?” That person had just taken out his cell phone, and after a simple search, it appeared in front of Vuong Han, "Everything is working normally, there is no difference, just the virtual beast's output is very small. Now, combined with the many deaths of virtual beasts on the front lines, so now ordinary virtual beasts are not easy to see, unlike the first years when news about virtual beasts could be seen, this is for us people. I'm more interested in virtual beasts. For me, this is really a bit of a disaster, but things aren't all bad. Currently, the virtual beasts produced in the virtual beast breeding compartment are very powerful, compared to before. That one is much stronger, so even though because many Void Beasts have been gradually dying out, the number seems to have decreased, but in fact the Void Beast's role is getting bigger and bigger, it seems that all The Void Beast Cabin has a better understanding of the Void Beast.”

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    And I can do it alone. I will absolutely not use other people's souls. Just like before, I always used my own soul to perceive all the light spheres of thought. I didn't say anything about it. directly marrying living people. I came here to do the experiment directly, but I can't do this now. I have no way to observe it myself. I can only choose this method. Suddenly, I don't know when I became a person who doesn't watch. Just like a normal person, you can't scold me or laugh at me. I firmly believe that there is no way to smile and laugh, and I also firmly believe that one day I will be able to do it. become a victim.”

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    "Are not." Vuong Han shook his head, "I will definitely wait for Tieu Long Dang to grow up before leaving. I cannot directly bring Tieu Long Dang into Chien Chinh Academy at this time."

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    The two guards stayed behind and took a deep breath, their faces filled with excitement!

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    Li Dayou was also very excited when he said this: "You know, at that time I was really scared and couldn't do anything. I carried this guy towards his house, and finally threw him straight into the house. Out. I left after locking the bed and locking the door, but after going away, I was also afraid that this guy was going to Tu Hai for a walk, so the next night I stayed downstairs at their house and waited until the next night. I left after two days. when there are too many people. In the next few days, it is because of what happened that night. On the one hand, I don't dare to tell him directly. Let him have a good rest, about half a month I didn't go to look for him, half a month after I went to find him, being with him was like a different person, the whole thing completely fell into a state of depression. That radiant state is completely different from the Lanning Situation that I knew at first. I must have thought that his brain was broken from the first moment, so I told him something that night in a few words, On the one hand to calm him down , on the other hand, let's see how this person reacts."

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    This idea had not echoed in Vuong Han's mind for a long time. He suddenly saw a building appear in front of him. This was obviously an ancient building built by one person. The entire structure looked like a building. like a dense layer. Floating earth covered it, and even the whole building looked like a burial mound! However, this building was angular, and it seemed to cover an area as large as two or three football fields. This was the first truly large building that Wang Han discovered within a month of arriving. this world.

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    "Okay, I didn't consider what you said." Vuong Han nodded seriously, "I have learned it."

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    So the reason for this situation is most likely because there was an internal fight in their team before, this person was locked on the wall by one person, the other person directly replaced his soul with another person. monster tick, then what? Vuong Han lowered his head in front of the skeletal monster and picked up the corpse of a marked monster of the same age on the ground. The monster's corpse was complete, but the soul inside the monster was missing. Now, there was a possibility that the soul of the skeleton monster in front of him came from this large tick.

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    Thinking of this, I'm curious about one thing. Can all the things condensed outside the Void Sea, can they be refined into Void Pills outside the Void Sea? Just like his, filled with empty thought light spheres, these thought light spheres are in the soul origin, and all the origin qualities used at this time come from the sea of illusion. And after Vuong Han finished all of this, he directly took the soul out of Tu Hai, went directly to the sea, directly broke the soul, and then a little Hua Loan appeared in front of him. him, "Um... It's really like that, the Void Loan can not only condense the Void Beast, but anything condensed from the Void Sea, regardless of whether it is the soul of a human or a monster." , after being broken will directly turn into small pills."

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    As for the count, he kept thinking, remembering and trying to piece it together, and finally, he finally gave an extremely reluctant answer, “I was captured and sold as a beast. honey in a state and district, I went to the front line, where I found an opportunity to kill this guy, and then I don't know what happened, I stumbled and ran to an abandoned city, hid in the city, and then... then I rolled down the stairs, and when I woke up again, I returned to the blood clan in the same district. After returning, I slowly gained such strength. ."

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    "...no way." Wang Han was speechless, Dai'er almost fell down, Lanning Xiaoxi stuck out his tongue and said: "It's actually like that, what do you think your father Lanning Situ looks like? everyone?"

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    Of course, this is extremely simple to say, but in reality this is self-denial. The you of today will deny the you of today, even though you gave yourself many hints yesterday? No, from an ontological perspective, today is the true process, the true process of existence, and there is still time to prove it, so yesterday I must have lost my mind, not to mention my extremely bad memory. unreliable. Everything becomes memories, Then it's difficult to recall, so I can only find that kind of feeling. Therefore, in order to ensure that he could leave a lasting impression on himself, Vuong Han spent hundreds of years imparting a concept to himself, repeating that everything else was wrong and he had to choose.

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    Do these two have anything in common? Is it really like what Vuong Han said, because he didn't know why he came here, so he came here?

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    like it! Tieu Truong Dang was extremely excited, she looked at this dagger, carefully received it from Vuong Han's hand, raised her hand to carefully caress it, she could feel this dagger appearing as hot as fire. The noodles will not be fragrant at this point. Use your fingertips to feel the sharpness of the blade, then use your left and right hands to gently throw it down. Hoa, to "Thank you, Uncle Vuong Han!"

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    From her perspective looking at the whole thing, in fact, the land provided by the district alliance was very, very generous. Basically, some of the demands of ordinary people could be covered by the alliance. The district responded. Why do you need to leave the state-county alliance now? Are there many things that cannot be done in a state-district alliance? Did you have to leave to be able to see more? She has lived in Zhanzheng University since she was a child, and she has been more or less influenced by the living environment of the entire union state-county, she also wants to participate in the mutual wars of the entire state -allied district after receiving the SSR Medal, then trying to overcome Her own efforts ended this war. On the one hand, the living environment of the entire state and district union will be better. On the other hand, she felt that she could also learn a lot of things that could not be understood in ordinary reality through this matter.

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    ... Vuong Han heard Thuy Hanh say so, immediately lowered his head to look at his stomach, um... just like Thuy Hanh said, flat, a bit rotten. Xing smirked, he felt helpless, "But does anyone really care about each other's bodies like mice? This taste is too strong! Others eat with salt. , you eat salt when you eat!"

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    Needless to say, after becoming a Nguyen Pham, I suddenly realized that I was just the worst among all the things of the same type as the Original Product, so I was truly a dog-blood! It's really fucked up! Vuong Han remembered the road he took to get here, it was really bumpy and tortuous, "To be honest, I can't stand it anymore, there should be a limit, it's not like this thief has never played with me, but Don't play with me like this before. Or if you play with me, it's okay, but you can't just stare at me and keep playing. Who can stand this kind of play? Basically Let me relax, so that after our side becomes the source of quality, can't we say we can't correct our previous mistakes? Then I'm afraid my mentality will directly collapse.”

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    “Number 89.” Hub said, then the entire hive number 89 looked from above and placed in front of Vuong Han, "May I ask, is it this one?"